Marty’s Craft Brew Review

Marty’s Craft Brew Review

February Edition

Stone & Wood Pacific Ale


The sublime Stone & Wood Pacific Ale has just been voted number 1 in GABS Hottest 100 of Beer for 2016!

Stone & Wood Pacific Ale is a summer beer, and it is the forerunner of what is now the Australian pale ale style.

It’s so easy drinking, fresh flavored, wonderfully unique, and makes you feel like you’re on holidays! Definitely worth a taste.

Colour: Cloudy light golden in colour with a soft white head

Nose: On the nose I get super ripe passionfruit, freshly cut open, and the distinct smell of fresh paw paw. I don’t know how they make beer smell like this, but it’s great. I can remember when I first tasted this beer some years ago and I thought it was a bit weird. I’ve tasted it on tap in Byron, where it is super fresh and that’s when it got me, it was good, YUM! Now every time I crack a bottle, there I am back up the coast relaxing in the sun, or cruising in the hills, no worries at all. How good are beer memories?

Palate: It hits the pallet quiet crisp, with just a little bitterness that flows off the back of the tongue. I get a bit of stone fruit here too, like you just sucked on a peach seed for a bit. Mouth feel is fairly thin, but not too thin, and its all over pretty quickly, and closes with a bit of that passionfruit and paw paw as an after taste. How crazy is that, it starts and finishes with the same flavors.

Recommended Soundtrack: Any Jimmy Cliff

ABV: 4.4%


In Other News…


Central Coast Craft Beer and Cider Festival: 

The date has been announced!

Sunday 11th of June

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Bigger, better than ever.
More exhibitors
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Recovery Party
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Craft breweries big and small, cider houses of all description, food stalls.
What’s On Tap
Did you know we have a handy guide on our website with regards to what crafty brews are now pouring… click here to view!


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