Marty’s Craft Brew Review

Marty’s Craft Brew Review!


You would have most certainly seen Marty, Assistant Manager of the Kincumber Hotel / Craft Beer Tap Chief / Beer Taster on your travels – you might have even shared a laugh with him, or chatted with him about one of his biggest passions – craft beer!

You would also most certainly be familiar with the Kincumber Hotel’s obsession with craft beer, and our commitment to bringing the best craft beer to the Central Coast! From our dedicated craft beer and cider bar The Hairy Goat, all the way through to the huge annual Central Coast Craft Beer and Cider Festival, we’re definitely more than a little obsessed!

We’re starting a monthly Craft Brew Review blog – visit monthly to check out Marty’s latest craft brew review – and for other news, events and special offers in our craft brew world here at The Kincumber Hotel (where we’re more than a little bit obsessed)!

Check out the links below, and enjoy the reviews and news!

* February’s Craft Brew Review & News - Stone & Wood, Pacific Ale

* November’s Craft Brew Review & News - Pirate Life IPA

* October’s Craft Brew Review & News - Modus Operandi Session IPA

* Meet Marty, our Craft Brew Reviewer!

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