Meet Marty – our Craft Brew Reviewer!

Meet Marty- our Craft Brew Reviewer!


You would have most certainly seen our amazing Marty, Assistant Manager of the Kincumber Hotel / Craft Beer Tap Chief / Beer Taster on your travels – you might have even shared a laugh with him, or chatted with him about one of his biggest passions – craft beer!

Read on below for an introduction to Marty and his love of craft beer… in his own words. Then, make sure you come back monthly to check out his latest craft brew review – and for other news, events and special offers in our craft brew world here at The Kincumber Hotel (where we’re more than a little bit obsessed)!



    My craft beer journey started with Coopers, and upon tasting my first – a love affair with ales commenced! Not long after, James Squires came along with their amber ale and was quickly all over Sydney. The first pub I worked in, The Sackville Hotel in Balmain, had Little Creatures Pale Ale on tap (note – this was well before the sell out!), and it absolutely blew my mind! It tasted so weird and wonderful. I’d always liked beer, but now beer was changing, and it was great. I continued to work in pubs and started my hunt for craft beer.

I came back from a few years backpacking in 2010 and found that craft beer was growing and there was now breweries everywhere. JOY!

In 2011 I moved to the Central Coast and I got a job at the Kincumber Hotel. There was not a lot of craft beer around at all. I had to travel to Sydney to get the good stuff. But that was all about to change, not only for myself – but for the Central Coast as well! One of the owners of the Kincumber Hotel, James Henty, came up with this awesome idea of a Central Coast Craft Beer Festival. It had very slow start but over the past five years it has grown into a huge, exciting and dynamic Festival that hosting over 25 breweries showcasing over 150 varieties of ale, and 2000 people attending (even in the rain!) from all areas – Sydney, Hunter Valley, Newcastle and even out of state.

Craft beer is huge. At The Kincumber Hotel with our dedicated craft bar, The Hairy Goat, and our 6 dedicated craft beer taps (as well as great crafty stock in our Bottle Shop) we try to showcase the best beer going around. Unfortunately I have to taste all the beer that comes through the Hotel, just to make sure I have made the right choice- but hey, someone has to do it!

When people ask me what my favourite beer is, I honestly have no idea. Craft beer is so vast yet unique.  I could tell you what I like this week, or a really nice beer I had the other day, or what my fall back beer is, but as to a favorite, I just don’t have one- there’s just too many. The beauty of craft beer is that there is always something new and exciting to try, you just have to know where to find it.

As my late grandfather John Douglas Salter once said, “There are no bad beers. Some are just better than others.”

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