Marty’s Craft Brew Review

November Edition

Pirate Life IPA

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Arrrrrrrrrgh! A free life on the open sea, it’s surely the Pirate Life for me!

This is a big one – big, bold and aggressive, just like a good pirate should be! With so much going on here, Pirate Life IPA is surprisingly well balanced and refreshing.

Colour: Wonderful dark caramel, with a pure white head that would make Davy Jones proud!

Nose: Shiver me timbers – I love it – this smells like what beer was make to be – sweet caramel, dried apricot, fresh stone fruit and some burnt toffee to boot. There’s a great fresh pine intensity about this too. If I could smell colour, this beer would smell like a huge jade diamond, straight from a freshly dug up treasure chest!

Palate: The initial taste is quite sweet, me hearties, which morphs into a very full bodied toffee malt flavour. Hoist the flag! The malt then gets boarded by a beautiful tongue coasting btiterness. Aye Aye, cap’n! The bitterness is them smoothed out by a creamy back palate aftertaste… make him walk the plank!

That’s it! I be out of here to buy me a boat!

ABV: 8.8%

Available in: 500mL can, find it in our Bottle Shop!


In Other News…

We still have a limited number of tickets available for our Craft Beer Degustation with Block ‘n Tackle Brewery – buy online now!


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