Marty’s Craft Brew Review – October

Marty’s Craft Brew Review

October Edition

Modus Operandi Session IPA



Modus Operandi beer is awesome beer, huge flavours but very well balanced.

I love Session IPA’s but they do have to be done right. This one definitely delivers with a great hop kick for the nose, some strong bitterness and good flavour on the tongue, finishing very clean. It really is just a beautiful brew.

This beer works well to quench the thirst on a hot day. The lower ABV means you can have a few and still be okay to mow the lawn the next day.

Nose: I get some intense apricot jam, fresh cut grass and a little burnt honey. So good.

Tongue: A wheat-y dry bitterness that covers the whole palate. Yes please.

Aftertaste: The bitterness and flavour fade away fast and clean, leaving you wanting more, soon, and why not?!

ABV: 4.1%

Available in: 500mL can, find it in our Bottle Shop!


Modus Operandi Session IPA is available NOW in our Bottle Shop, come on in and try one for yourself!

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